6 Sound and DJ’ing System in The World

Making music is a complex process. It involves mixing, editing and mastering music. You need lots of equipment like CD decks, controllers, mixers, sound system, etc. Here are some great dj’ing systems:

Native Instruments Maschine Mk2


It provides a hardware and software hybrid groove production work station. It has soft synth and time stretching features. You can use it as a DJ controller with software of your choice. It has a light controller and brilliantly lit display and pads. It is ideal for use in live stages or DJ booths.

Allen & Heath Xone K2


It has multi-layered control. It has four channel strips and a switch matrix. The multi-layer option enables you to access every aspects of the software. It acts as a audio interface also. This is a very good choice for travelling DJs.

Native Instruments Z2 (with Traktor Pro 2.5)


This mixer has two physical and two virtual channels. It allows good control over remix decks. You can control multiple FX with one knob. It has Inno Fader channel faders and cross fader. It has flux mode and also loop and cue controls.

Along with these dj’ing devices you also need good sound systems for the ultimate performance. Here are some top sound systems that you can have:



It is 92 cm tall and has three individual 500 watt Crown power amplifiers. There is a wooden cabinet for warm and punchy sound. It is a three-way speaker having 15’’ woofer, 1’’ compassion tweeter and 6.5’’ horn-loaded midrange driver. It produces a full and big sound.

Bose L1


This system provides a powered stack of speakers which are narrow and low profile. The L1 towers can provide wide dispersion, which covers a broad listening area uniformly. For events of over about 100 guests, L1 Compact System is good.

QSC K Series


This is appropriate for events in medium-sized rooms. It features K8, K10 and K12. It has a professional appearance and superb sound quality.

These equipment helps to put on the ultimate performance that will leave the audiences in amazement. An event will be very dull without these equipment.