Services offered

We provide equipments and services for all kinds of events, including seminars, conferences, parties, and more. We have professionals who can plan a unique event for you and provide you with the hardware and software you need.

We provide the following services:

#1 Event Management

We have experienced event management team who can help you to make your next corporate event a success. We arrange corporate parties, exhibitions and conferences. We provide initial design, set up and management services. The logistics are also provided by us. We take care of database management, accommodation management, catering, budget planning, on-site support, compiling reports, etc.

#2 Technical Productions

Our technical production department has huge resources to create a complete event experience for you. We provide technical supports for conference, award shows, road shows, exhibitions, etc.

 #3 In-house Technical Services

These include setting the theme. We have a large stock of LED star cloth, lighting, drapes, etc. to add glamour to your event. We provide laser shows, hire furniture, etc.

#4 Set and Scenery Design

We provide the set design, theatrical backdrops, exhibition stands, etc. We provide 3D visualization of your set as well. Our set designs are always consistent with your theme.

#5 Designs and Large Format Print

We provide promotional materials, exhibition display artwork, etc. We can create a design around any theme. We design logos, flyers, power point presentations, and many more.

#6 Video Production

We provide pre-event motion graphics design to DVD creation after the event. Our team of professionals will work closely with you to get results exceeding your expectations.

 #7 AV Equipment Hire

We provide all kinds of presentation equipment including audio visual support, video conferencing, plasma screens, LCD projectors, PA sound systems, lighting, microphones, laptops, etc.

All these services make a great successful event and we are here to provide you with all kinds of help you need for your event.