RhysIdee Ecran is an IT and entertainment firm located in Johannesburg, South Africa. We provide software and hardware systems to support conferences and other events. We provide everything that you need to run a conference or event successfully.

The office setups are no more the same today. Before, conducting meetings meant just sitting around with a group of people and discussing issues. But now it is more than that. Meetings and conferences are considered big events and are arranged with detail planning. A huge venue is selected, either in a hotel or conference hall. Projectors, multimedia, sound system, etc. need to be in place so that people can have a new experience with visual and audio features. Projectors help see things in a bigger way and good quality sound system enables you to hear what is being said without any interruption.

Home parties or parties for different occasions also now have a different dimension. People hire DJ’s for their wedding or birthday parties, for example. Very sophisticated hardware is required to perform these activities. During concerts also, you need lot of equipments in order to enhance the experience of the viewers.

We, at Idee Ecran, understand these needs and provide products and services so that an event can take place successfully.