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IT is pervasive. We work to provide classroom equipment solutions, associations, rooms with free access for everyone. We create an integration project to recondition the end of life computers. We wish you a pleasant visit on our associative website.

Room Equipment

An equipment room is a room or space within a building for the storage or installation of mechanical or electrical/electronic devices.

Classroom Outfit

Outfits for classroom, weekend, and summer vacay! | See more about teacher outfits, leopard flats and spring outfits.

Community Room

The Community Room is a communal space for all to use, including Westbeth residents, our neighbors, and the extended community.

Free Access Room

While the Public Access Room still has its array of desktop computers for you to use, you can now enjoy free wireless Internet connectivity in our office

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We help you realize your project:

  • Equipment from your premises

    Looking to outfit a classroom, a community room, a room with free access in your town?

    We help you realize your project:

    • We work with you to define your needs.
    • We provide you with the right hardware.
    • We help you to project management for your project (power supply, cabling ...).
    • We just set up the equipment on your premises.
    • We install useful software for your project. For a classroom we install software dedicated to educational activities.
    • We configure, parameterize the equipment.
  • Animation equipped rooms

    Too often equipped rooms are deserted for lack of animation.

    We provide you with entertainment in theaters, we offer solutions tailored to your needs:

    • Weekly entertainment for half a day.
    • Themed activities related uses (How to declare taxes online? How to create a short film with his camcorder? How to publish a local newspaper online?) ...
    • Thematic workshops on the local environment (support for creating animations in neighborhoods, construction of a portal for community life in your town ...).
    • Help Support of Students for B2i with the teaching team.
  • Hosting your web projects

    Have an idea for a project of local life? You want to create a website in your town? In a neighborhood? We help you achieve your project:

    • We help you define the specifications.
    • We offer solutions for your project.
    • We host your website on our servers.
    • We train people to online publishing.
    • We support you throughout your project.
  • Maintenance and Security

    Our goal is to provide you with a functional equipment:

    • We perform remote maintenance on the server.
    • We change all clients down.
    • We change your server in case of failure (standard exchange).
    • We store your important data on our servers via the Internet.
    • We provide you with tools to fight against viruses.
    • We provide web access filtering tools (parental control).
  • Solidarity Economy

    We are creating jobs for reconditioning downgraded items:

    • We create an integration project on the reconditioning.
    • We create old machines recycling process.
    • We create rooms facilitators training.
    • We create a local digital economy.